Sustainability and economic consequences of creating marine closed areas in a multi-species and multi-activity context

Tetsuya J. Kobayashi
(Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo)

2014/2/26, 13:30- at Room 3631 (6th floor of building 3 of the Faculty of Sciences)

Theory of population dynamics has implicit connections with several other fields such as statistical physics, information theory and portfolio theory. Such connection has been pointed out, e.g., by Iwasa and Haccou in 1990s in the field of population genetics. Their theory is now attracting renewed attention in cellular biology where bioimaging technologies enable us to directly monitor population growth dynamics at the single-cell-level.
In this talk, by mainly using large deviation theory, I would like to show some potentially new relations between these fields, which extend the previous results. The general theoretical structures behind population dynamics will be discussed.

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