Mathematical Biology Laboratory Department of Biology, Kyushu University

Wang Yu-fei


Wang Yu-fei

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Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences, Kyushu University


  • B.S. China Agricultural University (Horticulture)
  • M.S. Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (Pomology)


[3] Potassium fertilization arrests malate accumulation and alters soluble sugar metabolism in apple fruit. W. ZHANG, K. Chen, Y.F. WANG, N.S. ZHANG, Y.P. GUO and Z.Y. ZhAO. Biology Open. 2018,7:12
[2] Effects of GeO2 on chlorophyll fluorescence and antioxidant enzymes system in apple leaves under strong light. Z.B. WANG, Y.F. WANG, J.J. ZHAO, L. Ma, Y.J. WANG, X. ZHANG, Y.T. NIE, Y.P. GUO, L.X. MEI and Z.Y. ZHAO. Photosynthetica, 2018, 56(4): 1081-1092.
[1] Trehalose 6-phosphate signal is closely related to sorbitol in apple fruits (Malus domestica Borkh. cv. Gala). W. ZHANG, J. Lune, R. Feil, Y.F. WANG, J.J. ZHAO, Y.P. GUO. Biology Open. 2017, 6: 260-268.

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