Mathematical model of hematopoietic system with myeloid bypass

Shoya Iwanami
(Kyushu Univ.)

2017/2/7, 13:00 - , at W1-C-909

The conventional model of hematopoiesis has hierarchical structure and it is considered that all blood cells produced through multi-potent progenitors (MPPs). Recently, many researches about hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) implied the differentiation of HSC incline to produce myeloid cells. Furthermore, Yamamoto et al (2013) showed the existence of some cells producing only myeloid cells in HSC fraction and proposed a new model of hematopoiesis which has the bypass which produce myeloid cells from the stage of the stem cell.
     In our study, we developed the mathematical model based on myeloid bypass model and analyzed the data from an experiment of single cell transplantation using mice. From result of analysis, we discuss the existence and the significance of the myeloid bypass.

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