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2017 November, at Kyoto

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What is Theoretical Biology?........

       We study diverse aspects of life by mathematical or computational approaches. 

       Example of our study areas include: pattern formation in development, interactions between pathogens and the immune system, animal behavior, the evolution of sex and the species diversity of tropical rain forests.

       Mathematical biology plays the same role in life sciences as theoretical physics in physico-chemical sciences. 

       Any sort of research including mathematical techniques and computer simulations can be regarded as mathematical or theoretical biology.

Yoh Iwasa
E-mail: yohiwasa@kyudai.jp
tel: 092-642-2639 fax: 092-642-2645
Department of Biology,
Faculty of Science,
Kyushu University, Fukuoka 812-8581,
 Mail to Yoh Iwasa (yohiwasa@kyudai.jp).

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