Summary of abstracts

The abstracts are summarized in the program book. You can download the PDF version of the book from the link below. This is the updated version on Sep. 6.

Program book

List of corrigenda

We have revised the program book. The latest version is now the final version published on Sep. 6. This is the list of corrigenta from the printed version to the PDF latest version.

  • [P.5] The oral presentation 8A1-O7-3 has been cancelled.
  • [P.12] The poster presentation P-5 has been cancelled.
  • [P.14] The poster presentation P-59 has been added.
  • [P.19] In the information for poster presentation, core times of poster presentations has been corrected as: "Core times of odd and even numbered posters are 12:15 ‒ 14:00 on Sep 7 and 8, respectively".
  • [P.59] The room ID of the mini-symposium "Infectious diseases in structured populations" on 16:15 - 17:45 Sep. 8 has been corrected as "Room E".